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Never heard the show and wondering who I am and what I'm talkin' about? Here's a promo montage from the mid '90s.
It's dated, but you'll have fun hearing me plug a show about the coming naked-body airport scanners that no one at the time thought was anything but another one of my nutso conspiracies.

On the other hand, if you have heard me, you're probably here for the interviews. Below are the ones you've most requested, but if there's something else you want to hear, send me an email and if I can find the file, I'll be happy to upload it for you.


Is our own government doing us in?
Kurt Haskell (Flight 293 Christmas Day bomber)
Charlotte Iserbyt (Deliberate Dumbing Down of America)
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (The reasons to legalize drugs)
Gary Matsumoto (Vaccine A, how we're experimenting on soldiers)
Dr. Jane Orient (AAPS) (health care horrors)
Al Cuppett (the coming FEMA camps and who will be in them first)

What really happened on 9-11
Dr. Judy Wood 12/8/8
Dr. Judy Wood 4/1/9
Dr. Judy Wood 9/13/10
Dr. Judy Wood 2/21/11
Andrew Johnson 9/22/10

How did the economy fall apart?
Walter Burien CAFR explained
Walter Burien CAFR in depth
Tom Cryer (The truth about Income Tax)
Catherine Austin Fitts (HUD whistleblower)
Lindsey Williams (what big oil has in store for us)

Brian Sussman
Dr. John R. Lott
Jesse Ventura (listen to the last few minutes, for an astounding take on this)

Gun Rights/Gun Facts
John Lott ("More Guns, Less Crime")

The toll of illegal immigration
Madeleine Cosman (medical dangers)
Sandy Gonzalez (House Of Death - immigration whistle blower)

Politics mainstream news ignores
Bernie Goldberg (CBS News correspondent)
Ron Paul

The New World Order?
Richard K. Moore (Escaping the Matrix)
Alan Watt (New World Order plans revealed)
Kitty Werthmann (first hand report of Austria's clamour to embraceHitler's fascism)
Alex Jones (

Aliens & other conspiracies
David Adair (Area 51 first hand)
Trevor Paglen (Area 51 and more)

Psychics/Metaphysical & Ghosts?
Mary Ann Winkowski (Ghostbuster)
Rev. John White (medium - Lily Dale)

Entetainment - Radio / TV / Music
Felix Cavaliere
Barbara Lewis
Dr. Demento
Kenny Vance
Art Laboe
Herb Kent
Jerry Blavat
Ron Diamond
Jack Armstrong
Clay Cole
Claude Hall
George Wilson
Steve Bryant (Christmas eve co-host 2010)
Greg Haynes ("Heeey Baby Days" 3 hours of beach music talk)

Everything else...
Lori Foroosandeh (cautionary tale)